Hot Swing Sextet

We are very excited to introduce you to a band we have been long admiring from Bourdeux in France, Regularly playing at some of Europe’s top swing dance festivals you have possibly seen them perform at the competition’s for some of Eroupe’s elite dancers at The Savoy Cup
Grab your coat and get your hat. Leave your worries at the door and step out to hear the band that are gonna make you dance your socks off – The Hot Swing Sextet! Taking you on a one-way journey on a trip from Paris to Harlem back to the hopping jazz joints of the 30s. with classics from Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong plus a whole lot more of those toe-tapping classics! So climb aboard with these six young upstarts bursting with energy. Enjoy the ride bouncing, swaying, spinning, flipping and swinging out as you stomp to the giddy tunes they’ve got in store for your delight on this great journey back to the magical era of joint–jiving jazz… Check out their latest album… here youtube clip