The Levels

Choose carefully…!
PLEASE NOTE: Everybody’s experience is depending on the number of lesson hours plus number of practice hours per week, and the amount of experience at other Swing camps etc etc. People learn at different rates, so the time scales are used as a GUIDE ONLY; we don’t hold auditions, but we ask that you assess yourself in an honest fashion as to the best level for you. Once you’re happy with your decision, we do ask respectfully that you stick to that level at the event.
Please note, booking with a partner (i.e. as a lead/Follow couple) while not essential is highly recommended; we try and get as good a balance as possible between Leads and Follows
Please use the contact us page if you are a single follow wishing to book
Improver: You’ve been dancing for 6 months plus at the time of booking. Tripple steps are a must and you should know basic six and eight count patterns plus some basic Charleston. You want to work on improving your basic skills.
Intermediate: You’ve been dancing for a around 2 years and are pretty comfortable with the idea of social dancing and have a good understanding of the basics, Swing outs Texas Tommy and Lindy circle and are interested in improving your technique.
Intermediate Advanced: Class content starts to get a little harder and the teaching pace will get quicker, With at least three or four years of experience, expect lots of variations on basic steps and more in depth information on technique.
Advanced: A regular at International level dance camps you are fearless both on the dance floor and in workshop situations, taking in your stride anything those teachers care to throw at you, You can expect to see teachers from both local dance schools and from around the country in this level. The 2019 edtion had some very talented dancers from around the country