The Teachers

A truly amazing array of teaching talent who all bring a wealth of experience and individuality.

  • Hasse Mattsson and Jenny Thomas
  • Nicolas Deniau and Hyunjung Choi
  • Pontus Persson and Isabella Gregorio
  • Anders Shihlberg and Jessica Lennartsson
  • Samantha Lawton

Jenny Thomas (UK)


Well what can we say about this fabulous lady, Strictly choreographer, stage, screen. She’s done it all but her true love is Lindy Hop, Charleston and solo Jazz, she is the teachers teacher, well-respected by all the top international teachers

Her protégé include Micheal and Evita.

We are truly blessed to have Jenny as part of our teaching line up.

Hasse Mattsson


Hasse is internationally recognized for his high energy, positive attitude and spirit as a Lindy Hop dancer and instructor. Energy and focus on fun are constant elements to every class. (As you will know from last year ).

Hasse was one of our 1st International teachers and had a huge impact on the way we ourselves teach our classes, So as always we are super excited to have him back again this year.

He is also one of the co organizers of the Snowball in Stockholm .

Nicolas Deniau (FR)


We are excited to welcome Nicolas back again to our 2020 edition. Dancer, choreographer, and organiser of the fabulous Savoy Cup

Nicolas definitely brings a sense of fun to his Lindy Hop, just check out any of his performances and you will see him adding a huge amount of musicality whilst playing with different rhythms. Look forward to some fun and interesting classes

Hyunjung Choi (KR)

Hyunjung from Seoul is a Swing dancer, instructor and choreographer who currently leads the swing dance performance team Night and Day.
She is a passionate dancer who strives to better express herself, and her delightful dancing gives positive energy to everyone who watches her dance.

Having majored in Korean traditional dance and enjoyed various dances such as dance sport and ballet, she came across swing dance in 2005, and instantly became fascinated by the dance.
In 2006, she met her partner Soochan Lee. Since then, they have been teaching various Lindy hop classes with new ideas, aiming for the growth of Korean swing dance scene.

Participating in various competitions in US since 2010. As a result, and placed in various competitions including first place in Open Strictly of 2012 Camp Hollywood and second place in All-Star Strictly of 2013 International Lindy Hop Championship.

Anders Sihlberg (SWE)

Anders cake

Anders is an awesome and inspiring swing dance instructor and performer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

He has studied dances such as ballet, contemporary and authentic jazz since the age of 10 and developed a passion for body movements and teaching dance.

At the age of 13 he fell in love with Lindy Hop and has since then been fortunate to teach and perform around Sweden and Europe.

Today he teaches regularly at Chicago Swing Dance Studio and regularly teachers around Europe and the rest of the world , spreading his passion for dancing.

Jessica Lennartsson (SWE)



Jessica from Stockholm, Sweden has been passionate about dancing for many years. A multi talented dancer with a big diverse range of experience in swing-related dance styles, Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Authentic Jazz and Balboa, and like most other successful dancers from Sweden she started at very young age. Her career includes several major titles, she was two times World Champion and Swedish Champion in Boogie Woogie (2002-2003).

Jessica is internationally well-known and is frequently seen around the world teaching and performing. Together with Harlem Hot Shots she has been touring big stages in Sweden and internationally.

Pontus Persson (SWE)


Pontus Persson has been dancing continuously since he was 5 years old, actively competing (since the age of 6) and started teaching professionally as a 16-year old. After graduating, he moved to Stockholm in 2008 to evolve his dancing, being offered membership of the dance company, Harlem Hot Shots.

He has since then been spreading the dance on a full-time basis through shows, competitions and teaching. He has worked with television, theatres and international events all around the world.

Pontus  is focused on teaching the  quality body movement as well as realizing the magic of enjoyment.

Isabella Gregorio (ITL)


Isabella Gregorio is a well-known international dancer. She teaches and performs around the globe, exhilarating students and audiences of all ages.

Isabella is often mentioned as one of the top three followers of the world. She is well known for her crazy style and her great expression. Her professional career started in Italy 2002, with a quick start of claiming several titles in numerous international competitions as well as teaching across the world.



Samantha Lawton (USA)

A rollerskating, three-ball juggling, and aerial harnessing Lindy Hopper from New York.

Throughout her life she has been passionate about the quest of mastering many dance and movement styles. From growing up at a competition jazz and tap dance studio and performing in musical theater in the Bay Area of California, studying Performance Studies at UC Berkeley, training in ballet and modern at NYU/Tisch Dance, to specializing in Swing/Lindy Hop and the Jazz Era dances, her curiosity for movement never ends. It brings her great joy to bring her love of dance to theater, cruise lines, music videos, television, and the Lindy Hop community. 
She is the co-director of the Broadway show Swing! for Norwegian Cruise Line, and has taught eight casts to date. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is among her many on screen appearances.